ed miliano woods

Woods, Oil on canvas, 130.5 x 322cm on four panels, 2015

Woods opened on 28 January 2016 at the Oliver Sears Gallery in Dublin. This was Ed Miliano’s second solo exhibition at the Oliver Sears Gallery in Dublin. In the Spring of 2014 Ed began working on a mural at Joseph Walsh Studios in Fartha, Co. Cork, Ireland. The result is an abstract, 360 degree dry fresco mural of overlapping branches and sticks. The mural started Miliano on a year-long journey during which he created a new language for himself. The result is this body of work. The work is mostly abstract and based landscape mostly in Ireland but also in Japan where he has been living for the past number of years. There are also references to French landscape. Ed exhibited related work in an exhibition called Airmail that opened in Tokyo in 2015 and in Belfast and Milan in 2016.

The Fartha Wood Mural

Joseph Walsh rebuilt an 18th century Irish cottage that had burned down some years before. The cottage was the home of his grandfather. Traditional materials - mud, lime, timber and thatch - were used in the restoration of the building. Miliano was asked to paint a mural in the parlour room of the cottage. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Ed painted an abstracted wood that wraps around the entire room. The building is rendered in lime over mud and straw. He used lime pigments to create an organic, matte finish which is in keeping with other natural materials used in the building. The undulating walls add to the warm feeling of the mural. One of the makerscommented, "It feels like a clearing in a forest." Joseph Walsh uses the room for small meetings, lunches and as a retreat from his busy workshop. Ed recently designed a hanging lamp for the room which is being made in bronze.

Afternoon Tea at Joseph Walsh Studios with Ed Miliano’s mural seen in the background, Fartha, County Cork, Ireland, 2016.

The Fartha Wood Mural

Ed Miliano took several months to complete Fartha Wood Mural at Joseph Walsh Studios. First, he first drew a cartoon in charcoal over pure white walls. Colour was added in layers, followed by shading, line and detail. In the bottom right photograph the artist (at left) is pictured with designer Joseph Walsh.

Fartha Wood (study for Joseph Walsh mural), acrylic on paper, 415mm x 245mm, 2014

View from the Former Kusuo Yasuda Residence, Tokyo, oil on canvas, 60.5cm x 80cm, 2016

Woods I, Woods II and Woods III, oil on paper, diptychs, 76cm x 115cm, 2015

Hayashi, oil on linen, 2620mm x 530mm (on four panels), 2015

Ed Miliano has done a lot of collage work over the years. For his Woods exhibition he created a suite of small works called, 22 Views of Woods at the Pola Art Museum, Hakone, Japan. Aidan Dunne, in a review in The Irish Times, describes the collages:

A series of elegant, perfectly judged collage paintings emphasise the role of rigorous design in the formation of "natural" settings. Look closely and you will see that the collaged texts bridge the geographical diversity of the sources. A minor detail, perhaps, but perfectly judged, and indicative of the thoughtfulness and quality of the exhibition overall.

Miliano did similar collages for Airmail, a series of exhibitions that were curated by Richard Gorman. Airmail opened in Tokyo, then travelled to Belfast and Milan.

Three collages from 22 Views of Woods at the Pola Art Museum, Hakone, Japan, Mixed media on wooden panels, 14.85 x 21cm, 2015-2016. Two collages from Four Views of Woods at Hakone, Japan, Mixed media on wooden panels, 14.85 x 21cm, 2016.