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Ed Miliano painting No Ordinary Place - Tateshina Window

No Ordinary Place Paintings from Japan

No Ordinary Place Paintings from Japan opened at The Ballinglen Gallery on 6 October and will run until 30 November 2018. The Ballinglen Gallery is at the Ballinglen Foundation, Ballycastle, Co Mayo, Ireland where Ed did a Residency in 2017. He is a Fellow of Ballinglen.

No Ordinary Place was previously exhibited in Tokyo in May 2017.

Ed Miliano sclupture - Shine Ed Miliano sclupture making of Shine Ed Miliano sclupture making of Shine

Business to Arts Awards

In 2018, Business to Arts commissioned Ed Miliano to design and manufacture a sculpture for their 30th Anniversary of the awards. He made a wooden sculpture based around a sun rising over a city. It is an abstract work made of painted wood with gold leaf. The awards ceremony took place at the Bord Gais Theatre on 6 September 2018.

Ed Miliano No Ordinary Place exhibition Ed Miliano No Ordinary Place exhibition Ed Miliano No Ordinary Place exhibition

No Ordinary Place

Ed Miliano's first solo exhibition opened in Tokyo on the 17th of May 2017. The exhibition includes work that was created over the past year from his studio in Tokyo. The work was inspired by the beautiful places Ed visited since coming to Japan and the tradition of viewing outside spaces from inside. The architecture in the pictures is simplified and serves to frame the view outside. There is a connection to earlier work, like Diary, when Ed painted the view from his studio in Dublin for over a year.

No Ordinary Place includes 45 paintings. The exhibition runs until 26 May 2017.

Painting of interior of Ballinglen

Ballinglen Fellowship

Ed Miliano's was awarded a fellowship to the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in 2017. He took up his residency in January and February of 2017. Ed created five large oil paintings based on views from his studio at the centre. The centre chose a painting called Interior/Exterior which is a view from the library out onto the street. The painting includes in it a painting by Richard Gorman which he did when he was a visiting artist.

The Kimono Way

Gemma Tipton interviewed Ed for an article about the influence of Japanese culture on his work.

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Woods Opens at Oliver Sears

Woods opened at the Oliver Sears Gallery on 28 January 2016. The opening was lively and the exhibition has received a very positive reaction including a very good review from Aidan Dunne in The Irish Times.

Read more on irishtimes.com

A Lonely Impulse of Delight

SO Fine Art Editions is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Yeats' birth with a prestigious exhibition titled A Lonely Impulse of Delight featuring original works from Ireland's top writers and artists.

The exhibition opened at SO Fine Art in Dublin on 26 November 2015. It was also shown at the Hamilton Gallery in Sligo. The international tour will include venues in the USA, Sweden, UK, France and Japan.

In The Seven Woods is Ed Miliano's contribution. It is a Mokuhanga print on Washi paper.

Participating writers include: John Banville, Eavan Boland, Paul Muldoon, Edna O'Brien and Colm Tóibín. Participating visual artists include: Yoko Akino, Norman Ackroyd, Jean Bardon, John Behan, Michael Canning, Diana Copperwhite, Michael Cullen, Niamh Flanagan, Paul Gaffney, Martin Gale, Richard Gorman, Leo Higgins, Stephen Lawlor, Louise Leonard, Kate Mac Donagh, Kelvin Mann, James McCreary, Ed Miliano, Niall Naessens, Lina Nordenström, Lars Nyberg, Hughie O'Donoghue, Barbara Rae, Aoife Scott, Vincent Sheridan, Amelia Stein and Donald Teskey.

In Residence

The Oliver Sears Gallery presented an exhibition in London called In Residence. It opened in October and included the work of 24 artists. The show took place at Six Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia, London. The exhibition was curated by Brian Kennedy. Ed Miliano showed a large oil on four separate canvases called 'Wood'. The show received a very good review in the Sunday Times.

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Airmail opened at the Yanagisawa Gallery in Saitama, Tokyo on 4 July. Theexhibition is of small works on paper. Ten artists are in the show, including Anthony Little, Charles Tyrell, Chung Eun Mo, Claire Carpenter, Eithne Jordan, George Snowden, Natalie du Paquier, Roisín Lewis and Richard Gorman.

The exhibition was curated by Richard Gorman. Airmail traveled to theFenderesky Gallery in Belfast and opened on 28 January 2016. In April it will travel to ASSAB ONE in Milan, Italy. Each artist can either do new work for each exhibition or show the same work in all venues. Ed Miliano has done four new works for each exhibition.

Photograph courtesy Jane Norton

New Work at VUE

The Oliver Sears Gallery exhibited new work by Ed Miliano at the VUE Art Fair in the RHA in Dublin in October 2014. The work, pictured here, is titled Woods I and is oil on paper.

Ed Miliano Wins DeVeres Art Prize 2014

Ed Miliano was awarded The De Veres Art Prize for a Work of Distinction at the 184th Annual Exhibition at the RHA. The work, called Prelude was made up of 15 separate panels painted in oil on paper and block mounted on MDF.

Joseph Walsh Mural

Joseph Walsh commissioned Ed Miliano to do a mural in a restored 18th century Irish cottage at Joseph Walsh Studios. Ed painted a mural that wraps around all four walls of the room. The mural, Fartha Woods, was inspired by the local landcape. It was completed in June 2014 and was shown to the public during Kinsale Arts Week.

The Nature of Time to opened at Oliver Sears Gallery on 20 February 2014

Ed Miliano's solo exhibition, The Nature of Time opened at The Oliver Sears Gallery on Molesworth Street in Dublin in February 2014. The exhibition included a new configuration of Diary, as well as new painting and sculpture.

Oliver Sears Gallery represents Ed Miliano.

Four Days exhibited in Newfoundland

Ed's suite of prints, Four Days have been traveling. They were recently shown at the Craft Council Gallery in Newfoundland and the Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford City as part of the exhibition The Newfoundland Trail. Four Days was also part of the exhibition Pressed at the Concourse Gallery in Dun Laoghaire. Four Days is now available from SO Fine Art, a new gallery on South Anne Street in Dublin. The prints were made at Stoney Road Press and are based on four paintings from Diary.

Hibernation at Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin from 9 November September 2012

Ed Miliano will be exhibited two paintings in a group show called Hibernation at the Oliver Sears Gallery on Molesworth Street in Dublin. The painting Dawn I (90cm x 90cm, oil on canvas, 2012) was included in the show. The exhibition continued until 11 January 2013.

Diary at the RHA in September 2012

Diary was part of the Futures 12 Exhibition at the RHA in 2012. The exhibition was curated by Patrick T. Murphy. It was the first time the Diary was seen in its entirety.

Four Days Collection of Prints

Ed Miliano has made a set of prints with Stoney Road Press. The prints are based on four paintings from Diary. These limited edition prints are for sale individually or as a suite of four prints in a specially made portfolio.

Four Days was exhibited as part of a group exhibition at the Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford City in August 2012.

Artist Donates Painting to Raise Funds for Concern

Frangipani Tree (Detail) on Gold Field Oil on paper, 36cm x 27cm, 2011.

This painting was sold for €800 by silent auction on 27 April. All proceeds were donated to Concern Worldwide. Special thanks to Artisan Frames, Clonmel who donated the beautiful black, lacquered frame.

This painting was part of the exhibition, Ed Miliano Paintings and Drawings from Dar es Salaam which was on in the Gallery at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin D9 throughout April 2011.

Paintings and Drawings from Dar es Salaam

Thursday 31st March to Wednesday 27th April
The National Botanic Gardens
Glasnevin, Dublin 9

While living in Tanzania, Ed produced a large body of work featuring the beautiful Frangipani tree (Plumeria) and the Indian house crow. Although both are alien invasives in Tanzania, he observes each species in its local environment. Silhouetted foregrounds and changing colour fields create semi-abstract landscapes. Ed returned to Dublin during the Summer of 2010 and has continued to work on the Dar es Salaam paintings.

The exhibition is open daily in the Gallery Space, Education and Visitor Centre
Location: The Botanic Gardens are located 3.5km north from centre of Dublin, off Botanic Road.

Facilities: Education & Visitor Centre, car & coach parking, wheelchair access, toilets, audio-visual.

Telephone No: +353 1 804 0300
Visitor Centre Telephone No: +353 1 857 0909
Email: botanicgardens@opw.ie
Mon-Sun 9 am - 6 pm

Exhibition at Alliance Française

Ed Miliano's work was exhibited at the Alliance Française Dar es Salaam from 10 - 22 May. The one-man show included paintings, drawings and collages from two continuing bodies of work, Ennead and Dar es Salaam. The Exhibition represented three years of work and was opened by Jacques Champagne de Labriolle, the French Ambassador to Tanzania.

Speech by H.E. Ambassador Jacques de LABRIOLLE
Alliance Française de Dar Es Salaam, 10 May 2010

Welcome to you all,
I am delighted to welcome you here at Alliance Française for this superb exhibition by Ed Miliano, who is a most interesting artist, and whose work, as I'll try to explain, has not only a powerful presence, but is also giving us a strong sense of what painting actually can be, and mean to us.

Ed Miliano was born a few decades ago in America, in New York, but as some of you may be aware, he is not without some links in Europe, especially in Ireland, where he has lived for a long time : it is indeed thanks to those special links in Ireland that he has come here, together with Anne. As this Monday is the first day of the ''European week'' in Tanzania, it is special pleasure to welcome this exhibition which, somehow, has some European and Euro-American dimension.

Ed Miliano has had several lives, as a designer, as an illustrator, as a writer, as a teacher and as a painter. His works have been exhibited in many places, either in group or in solo, especially in Dublin. As a matter of fact, his works have not only been exhibited, they have been made in factories (as he is a designer), they have been published (as he is an illustrator), they have been watched (as he is a painter), and they have been read (as he has written a book for children). I might even add that his works have been walked upon, because Ed has designed beautiful carpets, which have been woven in Ireland.

This new exhibition includes two different bodies of work, both of which give a good sense of Ed's special approach to painting : these works are not only beautiful, they have a kind of mysterious unity and charm which are the product of a sensitivity, of a taste, but also of an educated look, and of the many experiments of Ed's inquiring mind.

These paintings are indeed the result of a lot of research, a research led by aesthetic curiosity, by a mind curious to discover and to evaluate the many possible combinations of colours and shapes in a given pictorial or visual situation.

The first body of works is called Ennead, which is a reference to the number nine, and to Greek philosophy. Ennead is the name of those paintings made of 9 pieces, of 9 little squares of colours. These 9 little squares of colours are themselves part of previous drawings or illustrations made by Ed himself. This is why, while you have here very different pieces, there is a recognizable unity of style. Ed's idea was to explore recycling of pictorial fragments, to study how colours and shapes will evolve and react to each other when they are in a different place and direction than in the original drawings. Thus, one may say that the enneads give a kind of a second life to earlier works, in an interesting figure of the continuity of life in nature. If you look carefully to this ensemble of a hundred ''enneads'', you will notice that there is a kind of evolution in their style, as the first ones were more figurative than the most recent ones. Some of these new pieces are collages, and some othess have been the matrix of a new oil painting. Painting with oil will give a strong unity to the fragmented image, as we can see from the beautiful white rose. Ed is also studying how changing the size of a painting, can give a new and different dimension, I mean a new expressivity and meaning to its different parts.

Another experiment is about assessing whether dividing a picture into several parts, four parts per example, will bring a new dimension and meaning to the initial elements. The thought process here is about whether each part of a picture can be a picture in itself, and whether each picture can be a part of a greater ensemble, a greater whole which is formed by the hundred pieces.

The second body of work, called Dar es Salaam, is very different: these are paintings and drawings inspired by the Tanzanian landscape, especially by the frangipani tree and by the crows which fly or rest in them.

This one is an attempt to explore how a certain image or vision can be captured as a kind of snapshot, and later re-approached, worked again, to try to extract all its pictorial potential.

The big painting, there, is about an encounter of a special kind : the encounter of two different things which both were imported recently to Tanzania : the tree, which comes from America, has successfully adapted, and is welcome, and the crows, which come from India, and are also a kind of successful adaptation from their point of view, but are a nuisance to the local environment. Is there a pictorial way to express this duality, these different fates, this is what is explored through repositioning and reframing the visions and silhouettes.

There, it is not colour (as in the enneads) but rather shape that comes first. Designs directly inspired from the branches are literally abstracted, turned into patterns, and they will get a new dimension and a new dynamism through playing on size, direction, centring, cutting, and editing in different ways. These black and white networks are an attempt to move into negative space.

What we have here is an impressive example of an art which is deeply thought out, though, of course, all the talent of the artist is in hiding the effort, and offering only the beautiful result of his experiments and visions.

This is why I said in beginning that Ed Miliano's painting has not only a powerful presence, but also that it gives us a strong sense of what painting actually can be, and mean to us.

For those who are still with me, I just want to mention, to conclude, that Ed's experiments are similar to some experiments that are made in literary writing (like in the French ''Nouveau Roman'' or in the experiments of the famous Oulipo – Ouvroir de Littérature potentielle), as well as in musical composition (especially in what we call musique sérielle, and of course in jazz). Because of these similarities, and to celebrate what we call ''correspondance des arts'', it makes a lot of sense that two jazz players have accepted to play for us tonight, while we enjoy the exhibition. Thanks to them !

Congratulations to Ed Miliano, and thank you all for your attention.